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Tom & Jean Robertson
Tom & Jean

Tom: Fort Ambassador

Tom and Jean were married and joined missionary staff in 1972. In fact, Tom has called Fort home since he was 6 years old. As you’d imagine, they have both worn many different staff hats over the years. One of their favorite things as they mark a half-century on staff is all the wonderful people they have met and friendships they have developed over the years 


Fast Facts

 They love hearing past campers and staff tell of the impact Fort has had in their lives and in the lives of their children

Fort Firsts 

The Robertson family experienced the adventure of Black River Harbor, each in their time. For Tom, while in high school. For Jean, in 1971 and for the rest if the family when they began to camp together.

Sending Church: The Robertsons are sent missionaries from Open Door in Wyoming, Michigan and Calvary Baptist Church in Rhinelander. They have been connected to both since they started on staff at Fort.