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Summer Staff

Summer Staff

You belong at Fort this summer!

Up in the beautiful Northwoods of Wisconsin, Fort has summer jobs for everyone. From the outdoorsy, adventurous type to the cooking enthusiast. For those that love working with youth to those that prefer working with animals. For the get-your-hands dirty type to the creative with a computer type.

More than a job though, Fort’s Summer Staff are a community – one that grows together, worships together, laughs and adventures together, and is challenged and inspired together. A community that becomes the people that God created them to be.

Who are We Looking For?

General Qualifications for All Leaders

  • A professing Christian, committed in both spirit and practice
  • Sincere in your current walk with the Lord and desire to show that to others
  • Desire to impact other people for the Kingdom of God by sharing the gospel, leading devotions, sharing testimony, praying, etc.
  • Will embrace and live out Fort’s values
  • Mature; responsible; independent; initiative-taker
  • Flexible and willing to do whatever is asked
  • A model of quality and hard work with a Godly attitude
  • Demonstrate leadership skills and abilities
  • Preferably 18 years or older (unless otherwise noted for certain positions)


Statement of Faith & Values

In order to fulfill our purpose and mission of reaching lives for Christ, we seek staff who agree with and live by the shared faith and values of Fort Wilderness. Please take some time to read Fort’s Statement of Faith & Values before applying for a summer staff position.

Positions Available

Fort Wilderness hires about 80+ paid leaders for summer staff across all three sites. If you aren’t familiar with each individual site, check out each one’s ministry description below and take a virtual tour here. Fort relies on about 35-50 volunteers each week to help support camp. There are volunteer opportunities at Main Camp and Adventure Outpost. The volunteer opportunities are also listed in each site’s ministerial position descriptions.

Main Camp

The year-round site at Fort Wilderness is known as Main Camp. During the summer, Main Camp’s primary ministry is Family Camps. There are eight and a half weeks of Family Camps, ranging in size from 150-300 campers a week. The first week of camp at Main Camp kicks off with Step Up, a middle school-aged youth camp. This site hires approximately 35 summer leaders in the widest variety of roles (such as dish crew, lifeguards, activity staff, support staff, etc.) and utilizes about 30-40 volunteers a week. Most, but not all, leadership positions have the responsibility of leading a team of volunteers each week in their work area. Click here to read Main Camp’s Ministerial Position Descriptions.

Adventure Outpost

Adventure Outpost (AO) is a rustic camp located about 1 mile away from Main Camp on private Blair Lake. It is Fort’s base camp for all youth camp and adventure camp programs. Though operating under the same mission and organization, Outpost is an independent summer camp, serving groups of 15-60 campers for 3-14 days. AO’s team hires about 24 leadership positions and offers volunteer opportunities as assistant counselor or nurse. Approximately half of the summer will be spent serving youth programs at Outpost and half will be spent with youth groups. Click here to read Adventure Outpost’s Ministerial Position Descriptions.

– Leadership Lab

Leadership Lab (LAB) is a rustic camp located about 1 mile away from Main Camp on private Blair Lake. It has been Fort’s place for intense discipleship of high school students for about 40 years. Though operating under the same mission and organization, LAB is an independent summer camp, serving 20 campers for 3 weeks at a time. LAB hires 8 summer leaders to serve their campers with an intentionally small feel. Click here to read Leadership Lab’s Ministerial Position Descriptions.


A double dip – an unforgettable summer that doubles as an internship, yes please! Each school is unique in its requirements for internships. Do a little leg-work and let us know what your school requires, and we will do our best to make your summer job count. Upload your school’s internship requirements in the form below. We will reach out to you shortly!

Summer Staff Inquiry

Staff Training

All summer staff will be expected to attend staff training the last weekend of May, unless a position notes otherwise (see ministerial descriptions). Training is required for all summer staff positions and runs until the beginning of camp programs (June 10, 2023). These training weeks are essential for community and team building, spiritual and personal formation, and skill training for your role. Exceptions may be made for missing training weeks for “once in a lifetime” events such as a family wedding, graduation, etc. This time off must be approved by the area supervisor and Staff & Volunteer Coordinator.

Some leadership roles (Staff & Volunteer Assistants, RAs, AAOPDs, Wranglers, Assistant Cooks, and Nature Center Staff) will begin training on May 20. Start dates for each role are included in the position descriptions.

Volunteer training will happen on the job for the position(s) in which they are serving; there is no advance training required.


2024 Summer Staff Dates

The summer begins for all summer staff with staff training on Saturday, May 25, unless otherwise noted. Most Adventure Outpost staff positions will end on July 26, though a few roles will stay later to support youth group camps. Leadership Lab has an approximate end date of July 26. Main Camp programs conclude on Tuesday, August 13. Earlier end dates may be available, but hiring preference is given to candidates who are able to complete all weeks of camp.

Dates for Main Camp Program / Adventure Outpost Program / Lab Program

June 8-14 Step Up (AO Serve on MC Site) / Leadership Lab 1

June 15-21 Family Camp 1 / Step Up Plus Week / Leadership Lab 1 cont.

June 22-June 28 Family Camp 2 / Boys’ Camp / Leadership Lab 1 cont.

June 29- July 5 Family Camp 3 / Girls’ Camp / In Depth

July 6-12 Family Camp 4 / Kids’ Camp / Leadership Lab 2

July 13-19 Family Camp 5 / Girls’ Camp / Leadership Lab 2 cont.

July 20-26 Family Camp 6 / Boys’ Camp / Leadership Lab 2 cont.

July 27- August 2 Family Camp 7

August 3-9 Family Camp 8

August 10-13 Family Getaway 1

Work & Time Off

Working at a camp may be one of the hardest jobs you’ll ever have and yet one of the most enjoyable! Expect to work early mornings and late nights and to be called to go above and beyond your job description. Most roles will work long hours with various breaks throughout the day. Counselors will spend most of their day with their campers, getting one hour off a day. Leaders will receive one day off per week (though counselor time off may be distributed differently).



Summer Staff receive a salary dependent on position and experience. Meals and housing are provided for all summer staff.

Christ-Centered Community

Ask any previous summer staffer what their highlight of serving at Fort was, and you will almost always hear about the friendships and community they made with fellow Christ followers. Serving with others is a natural and authentic way to build relationships with those around you. The summer staff work closely together, share living quarters, and have their own staff activities which enhance their sense of community and create the space to connect and deepen friendships. We also recognize – as a community – that though we are Christians, we are imperfect people. The beauty of being in Christian community is the opportunity to show and receive love and grace!

Personal & Spiritual Growth

Serving at a Christian camp provides plenty of experience to grow personally and spiritually. We strive to be intentional with our summer staff and create an atmosphere for growth to take place. Our summer staff have their own activities such as daily meetings/devotions, bible studies, worship, and nights out. These staff activities vary by site. They are created to help develop community and personal growth. Fort is blessed with incredibly gifted speakers each week for the campers, and staff are always highly encouraged to attend camper sessions as their schedules allow.

Please contact Abby Giles
Summer Staff Coordinator
715-277-2587 x1016


Apply Online!

Make the most of your summer by serving others as a member of the Fort summer staff team. We couldn’t hold our camps each summer if it weren’t for the people who fill these paid positions. As we’ve heard from countless Summer Staff members throughout Fort’s history, serving on Summer Staff is an incredible opportunity to participate in Kingdom work by impacting lives for eternity. Talk about a great summer job!

2024 Summer Staff Open Positions

Application – Click here!