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Mark & Julie Foley
Mark & Julie
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Mark: Chief Operating Officer

Mark joined staff in 2022 after 22 years of bringing Julie and their five kids and up to 260 people from Autumn Ridge Church to Fort. Mark and a friend started doing family camp with Autumn Ridge Church (MN) in 1993 and it caught on in a big way, leading to over two decades of family camp – so far. Over 3,000 different individuals from Autumn Ridge have made their own Fort adventures and memories. The family camp vision had begun for Mark over thirty years ago while in seminary. Mark may have entered full-time camp ministry then; however, few options existed. The dream remained inside while Mark invested his professional career at Mayo Clinic. In 2022, Mark was called as Fort’s Chief Operations Officer.

Fast Facts

Mark and Julie’s five children (four sons and one daughter) are all married, and Mark and Julie now have five grandchildren. All of the Foley children were baptized at Fort and found it to be a great place of spiritual impact. 

Fort Firsts

Many years ago, the Foleys and their children experienced Wranglers Breakfast and horseback riding for the first time at Fort!


What passage of scripture is meaningful to your family? Proverbs 30:8-9

What is your favorite Fort memory? Watching our kids get baptized at Fort.

If you were a kitchen utensil, what would you be and why? One of my staff one time said I was a blender – I take lots of ideas and people and blend them together to produce something that is good!


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Sending Church: The Foley’s are sent missionaries from Autumn Ridge Church in Minnesota where they have been connected since 1992.