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Billy & Laura Borkenhagen
Billy & Laura
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Billy: Facilities Manager

Laura: Marketing and Communications Manager

Laura has a long relationship with Fort; it’s where she came to know the Lord at youth camp! She introduced her husband, Billy, and their three kids to camp, and all are hooked on the fun and adventure of camp! The Lord called Laura to serve as Fort’s first remote employee in early 2020, serving as the Marketing and Communications Manager. They have since joined fulltime missionary staff, Billy leading the architecture and design of future building projects, and their family relocating to the Northwoods in spring 2021. 

Fast Facts

Billy has worked as an architect for 15 years and speaks at Bible Study Fellowship. Laura and Billy enjoy cooking as a family—homemade pizza is their specialty. 

Fort Firsts

The family of five experienced both cooking and eating their first ever Lumberjacks breakfast. The kids learned how to swim independently in Spider Lake. At 7-years-old Will caught a fish ice-fishing that landed him on the local news for his “Big Ol’ Fish!”


Sending Church: The Borkehagens are sent missionaries from Meadowbrook Church in Wauwatosa, WI where they have been connected since 2013.