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New Missionary Staff Highlight – Josh & Emily Tuckness

New Missionary Staff Highlight – Josh & Emily Tuckness

Josh and Emily: TruNorth Directors

Joined Missionary Staff: December 2023

Josh and Emily are Fort’s TruNorth Directors – a 9-month leadership development program for students age 18-22 who are eager to explore their faith, gifts, and calling. They oversee the day-to-day operations of this program – Josh teaching classes and Emily managing the schedule and organization of the program. They love teaching and the intentional life-on-life discipleship model that TruNorth offers.

“We want to keep the Gospel as the focus of all we do.”
The Tucknesses
Est. 2022
Creating memories for years to come

Meet Josh and Emily

Josh and Emily met in camping ministry leading trips together. Though working at Fort came as a surprise to them both, they share a deep love for camp and the ministry. In 2021 Josh came to Fort for the first time and joined contract staff as an RA for TruNorth. Later, Emily joined him on summer staff the next summer. The Lord moved in both of their hearts to stay on as TruNorth directors, and in the Fall of 2022, they welcomed new students, got married, and moved to Rhinelander.

Praising the Lord for what he’s done in the lives of campers and staff!

Q & A with Josh and Emily

How did you know you were called to be missionaries at Fort?

Emily says, “There have been many moments affirming from the Lord this is exactly where we’re supposed to be. We love this program so much and it’s awesome that the place we get to work allows us to build relationships and do life with the students.” Josh adds, “We’ve had peace throughout this whole process and have seen the Lord’s provision. We prayed about it, and everything had been pointing this direction.”

What special skill or superpower do you bring to Fort?

Josh – “Being able to provide leadership in music. Part of our role is leading worship during sessions. I like leading musicians in worship.” Emily says, “Josh’s superpower is making classes enjoyable. He makes sitting through three-hour classes fun because he’s passionate about what he’s teaching.” 

Emily – “One of my favorite things is being able to delegate and direct a room. It comes naturally for me to organize people in this way”. Josh says, “Leadership is one of her giftings. That’s something I admire about her.” 

What is your favorite Fort memory?

Emily – It was a long day, I was tired and wanted to go home, but went to greet the summer staffers who started to gather at Lab. They were messing around and playing random, fun worship songs. Sitting there with them was the first time I realized that I love what I do. I get to fellowship with people, be together, and be outside in creation.” 

TruNorth students are ready for the river. 100 miles of paddling, here we come!

When you’re not at camp, what do you enjoy doing?

“We like playing board games,” says Josh. “We just got a new one called Azul and it’s very good. We’ve played it three times in the last week.” Emily says, “We like hosting and having people over. I’m more of the overall host, but Josh really likes making people tea and getting them snacks.”

Which is the superior fry bread: powdered sugar or cinnamon sugar?

Josh – “Definitely cinnamon. But it would be sweet to create a version with raspberry jam.”

Emily – “Cinnamon, because it tastes better. In general, I just like cinnamon sugar more than powdered sugar. My other thought is that both flavors are good when mixed.”