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Bruce Ziolkowski – Retirement

Bruce Ziolkowski – Retirement

Bruce Ziolkowski is retiring from his role as Building Maintenance Coordinator at Fort Wilderness. Bruce, along with his wife Cathy, served at Fort from 2006 to the end of 2021.

Those who served with Bruce…

Share sentiments of their time working alongside him.

  • Bruce is very wise and observant. He is intuitive, curious, and a good listener. He epitomizes a Godly style of people care and service. He took special interest in each of our four kids when they were serving on summer staff— teaching and modeling the “Fort way” of service to campers.
  • Bruce served in an unofficial role as special advisor to the executive director, Todd Leyden. It often started with “do you have time to take a walk?” which meant that Todd was going to get some tremendous insight about what was going on at camp and good suggestions that were appreciated.
  • Bruce met young boys and men where they were at both as a counselor at Boys’ camp, and on the maintenance team, and especially the Contract staff that had the privilege of getting mentored by him.
  • Bruce quietly and faithfully served on the Ops Team. The grounds – the grass, trees and paths – didn’t become beautiful and maintain order by accident. Great planning and care by Bruce and a team did it. It was Bruce’s 2nd home – holy grounds in the Northwoods.
  • Though often laboring alone around acres of trees and grounds, Bruce would use the time in prayer and planning. God would bring campers and staff to mind, and he’d be ready to share encouraging and sometimes challenging words.

Bruce with his wife Cathy
15 years of service at Fort Wilderness
Time with campers, time well spent

The fun and funny side of Bruce

  • Bruce was the only staff member to wear his name tag as he canoed the rapids on the Flambeau River for In Depth.
  • Where’s Bruce’s office? “The dungeon” of course!

Casey brought inside jokes to a “Bruce level”
Year-round love and care for each other
Kids knew Bruce cared – age disparity didn’t matter

Thank you Bruce and Cathy

Fort is a better place because of the time and service of Bruce and his wife Cathy. In retirement Bruce and Cathy plan to remain in the area, continuing to volunteer at camp while spending time with their children and grandchildren.

A beautiful camp requires diligence and time
Bruce thrived teaching first-time skiers
Just some of the many grandkids

We have already noticed that Bruce is retired because he took care of all the little details that no one else noticed.

From all of us at Fort – Thank you Bruce!