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In Christ. Bearing Fruit. Impacting Generations.

Project 10: Welcome Center & Staff Offices

Did you know…

the staff offices, located in trailers behind the Canteen were gifts from a Fort family member in 2002, a “temporary” solution?

Did you know…

Katie Lutz, our Personnel Director, has an office that is also the emergency exit hallway?  And, for several months, the Personnel Team of four members shared an 8’ by 8’ office.

This project provides…

a facility with space for campers to gather and get the necessary information and support for their time at camp. It will also provide functional office space for an expanded camp staff. We currently do not have a welcome center; the Business Office is located above the canteen. We have staff offices, but they are dispersed through a series of trailers and Fort facilities.

We need your help to bring this project to life!

Fort operates with a no-debt policy to ensure good stewardship of resources – projects are not started until funding is secured.

Would you consider donating to make a Welcome Center & Staff Offices a reality? Together we can bear fruit for future generations!

When arriving new campers are never quite sure where to get started

Project Details

It’s no secret that Fort has outgrown its Canteen/Trading Post building, historically used as a place to welcome and register campers upon arrival and for check-out when departing. It has had many other purposes through the years such as a ski haus, business, program, and personnel offices, IT hub, lodging for staff, a restroom, and a place for a snack bar!  

The building, despite its iconic status, is not in good shape and is located where the new road will veer around the heart of camp. A new welcome center, including staff offices, is desperately needed to welcome and orient campers and meet the growth in staff since “temporary” trailers were introduced to Fort over two decades ago.

The estimated cost for this much-needed building is in excess of two million dollars. We plan to begin the planning and design process in 2025.

We ask that our Fort Family join with us in praying for the funds to complete this building to assure we take good care of you, the campers, and the Missionary Staff that faithfully serve you.

Have you ever heard the hoot and holler of Greeters at the sign?
We like sharing, but…
My Office = Emergency Exit
Behind the scenes work that keeps camp running


Anticipated project timeframe is 2026/27

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