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Current Project

Stockade 80 - Phase 1

Fort Wilderness has, since its founding, offered archery and .22 range in main camp— and later in the 1970s introduced clay target shooting at its remote site known as Stockade 80.  Thousands of Fort campers, from beginners to expert marksmen— made up of men, women and children have learned ‘how to shoot’ or sharpened their skills in marksmanship.

Stockade has been a place where those, with or without their own guns, can shoot without paying range fees alongside a community of those who enjoy the sport.

Shooting is a part of a Fort heritage of adventure programming that appeals to many.  Fort families, most of who live downstate or in more populated areas, don’t have as many opportunities to learn or practice shooting.  Fort provides a space and time to shoot under instructors and supervision— and try things they’ve never done before.

Shooting experts, Fort friends, and design and engineering professionals have all been hard at work processing and envisioning the future of Stockade 80.

Stockade 80 - Phase 1

Our Goal


Currently Raised


We need your help!

Thank you in advance for considering giving financially! Additionally, if you are interested in volunteering for construction or donating specific materials, see below for details.

Project Details

Over time, the existing shotgun range at Stockade 80 is showing some age and not keeping pace with the demand for shooting and therefore needs an upgrade.  Fort brought in a consultant in the summer of 2021 who works in these kinds of ranges and developments which resulted in a number of recommendations that Fort has reviewed and would like to introduce and launch:

  • Separate shotgun fields into two separate zones, one for beginners, one for advanced both equipped with remote clay throwers.
  • Add a new 200 yard rifle range, new 50 yard pistol range.
  • Fire line shelters for all shooting positions.
  • Enhance safety

The Fort board has given the go-ahead to start this project by developing a design and raising funds to complete the Phase 1 at $150,000.  Once funds are raised, the work to build this would commence in the next available season when there is not high camper demand for the site.  Skilled volunteer labor will be needed to keep this new development in the right price range.

The Drawings
Great features—- great function—- great times ahead
Phase 1 &“Future” phase designations can be seen on the drawings.  The immediate project is for Phase 1.


Contributions — GIVE NOW

We’re looking for both large and small contributions to raise this money in short order so this project can start as soon as possible.  Since we always aim to steward our finances well, we only build when we have the money.

We’ll need the following number of gifts at these gift sizes:

  • 15 – $1,000 gifts
  • 10 –  $2,500 gifts
  • 6 – $5,000 gifts
  • 3 – $10,000 gifts
  • 2 – $25,000 gifts


Volunteering For Construction & Donating Materials

  • Fort will need surveyors, carpenters, electricians, structural engineers, concrete specialists, excavators.
  • Materials needed: Wood, throwers, clays, guns, ballistics will be considered too.

Connect with Steve to donate time or materials – Fill out the form found here to get in touch with Steve.



For questions about giving to this campaign, please contact Tom Shaw at 219.776.7704 or