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In Christ. Bearing Fruit. Impacting Generations.
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Project 9: Stables

Did you know…

we have cared for over 400 horses throughout the years, often with up to 50 in our herd?

Did you know…

the stables’ roof is not supposed to bend like a banana?

This project provides…

a new main barn, tack house and loafing shed as current buildings are in poor condition and inadequate in size to support campers and properly care for our animals. Additionally, this project provides a suitable work environment for staff.

We need your help to bring this project to life!

Fort operates with a no-debt policy to ensure good stewardship of resources – projects are not started until funding is secured.

Would you consider donating to help make a new horsemanship area a reality? Together we can bear fruit for future generations!

The stables roof seems to resemble the shape of a banana – we plan to remedy that!

Project Details

The horsemanship program has been part of Fort since the beginning in 1956, with some of the first horses named Pokey and Rahab. Today, over 65 years later, the stables continues to share pony rides for the little ones, trail rides, winter sleigh rides, Cowboy Truth, and of course a wagon ride to Wrangler’s Breakfast. Each experience brings adventure, connection to creation, and time with family and friends. For many young campers, the stables are a place to try something new.

However, the main barn, tack house, and the loafing shed need serious attention to accommodate the number of horses, as well as the care of the animals.  Fortunately, a 20-acre land swap with the DNR a few years ago opened an opportunity to re-imagine the horsemanship area just when it’s needed most.

This project is critical to continuing Fort’s tradition where the stables are a place of special relationships that impact lives for future generations of campers. 

Please prayerfully consider making a sacrificial gift to the Fort Future for the stables project.

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A boy and his horse
A girl and her horses
Happy campers everywhere


Anticipated project timeframe – 2025/26

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