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In Christ. Bearing Fruit. Impacting Generations.

Project 11: Road Rerouting

Did you know…

hundreds of thousands of expectant campers have driven up the hill to see the Fort Wilderness sign “Stronghold of Christian Adventure” to enter the main parking lot and camp?

Did you know…

the lone entrance into camp is a prime place to receive a Fort hug, not to mention tearful farewells for youth campers and their staff when camps have ended.

This project provides…

a new road, located on the perimeter of camp, that will largely keep vehicular traffic separate from campers except to access horsemanship, trails, and archery. The current road goes right through the heart of camp.

We need your help to bring this project to life!

Fort operates with a no-debt policy to ensure good stewardship of resources – projects are not started until funding is secured.

Would you consider donating to bring this project to life? Together we can bear fruit for future generations!

The sound of moving gravel in this spot turns the heads of EVERY staff member, EVERY time

Project Details

Today, the main road and parking lot run through a main walkway main walkway, creating potential hazards and congestion as campers navigate between different areas of camp. Whether campers are heading from the dining hall to archery or walking from the tubing hill to the coffee shop, the current layout poses challenges. To address this issue and enhance the overall camp experience, there are plans to relocate the main road and parking area. By doing so, we can optimize the available space and create a safer environment for campers and staff alike.


Anticipated project timeframe is generally associated with the Welcome Center and Staff Offices

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