“Family weekends, like this, are a profound reminder of the importance of faith and God in the lives of children through adulthood.”


Dates – Aug/Sept & Dec/March, call for openings.
LocationMain Camp
Cost – Varies by Accommodation Type (click here to see Pricing & Accommodations), click here to view accommodations or watch our Accommodations Video
RegistrationMail in this form or call the office at 715.277.2587 or 800.338.3678


For any food allergy, you must email the Food Service Director no less than 2 weeks before the first day of camp. No exceptions. Email the Food Service Director Janet at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Is your family new to Fort Wilderness? Get $100 your first Family Getaway registration when you call-in!


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Prep GuideClick here for the Summer Family Getaway Prep Guide


What is a Family Getaway?

Family Getaway is a three-night summer or winter retreat at Fort where you can experience time together as a family to grow together, build memories and play all day long. Maybe you can’t commit six nights to a full Family Camp, or maybe your schedule or budget works best to come for three nights. Either way, take a step and give it a try. You will be surprised what three nights can do. You may consider making your getaway at Fort a longterm tradition. Your kids will be begging you to do so, if what we hear from many parents is true!



When you come to a Winter Family Getaway, you will be surprised by the new memories you make. There’s so much to do plus great food to fill up your tanks when you’ve emptied them experiencing a grand adventure on the broomball court, skating rink or on a nature hike. Many families bring another family, or two, so that the memories can be shared. Give it a try. These fill fast. For upcoming openings, please call. Our Inn, Modern Cabins and Rustic Cabins are all open for these Getaways. They are warm and ready for you. You’ll denitely want to enjoy a latté or hot cider in our Coffee Shop, too. 



Summer Family Getaway Dates 2017  (3 Night Family Events)

Accommodations Key: Campsite (CS), RV site (RV), Rustic Cabin (RC), Modern Cabin (C), Inn Room (INN), Eagle's Roost (ER)

FG 1 August 12-15 with Seth Meeks
FG 1 openings: All Options Available!
FG 2 Sept 1-4 (Labor Day) with Michael Lane
FG 2 openings: All Options Available! 


Winter Family Getaway Dates (2017)

Accommodations Key: Rustic Cabin (RC), Modern Cabin (C), Inn Room (INN)

WFG 1 Dec 26-29, 2017 with Michael Lane
WFG 1 openings: All Options Available!
WFG 2 Dec 29, 2017 - Jan 1, 2018 with Michael Lane
WFG 2 openings: All Options Available!
Custom craft your own Mini-Family Winter Retreat Jan-March, starting at $118/person. Call Jean at 715.277.2587 for details and openings.


Cancellation Policy: The registration deposit is non-refundable ($100.00 for Family Getaways). Any fees above and beyond the deposits are refundable.